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App Design – The New Age of Creativity

Conformity is usually the norm. Most people try to ensure that they conform to the established, standard protocols, such as fashion, behaviour or social conduct, lifestyle, ethics, and so on. But there are always certain things about us – certain characteristics or traits which make us special, and which set us apart from the rest. We tend to express these things in different ways.

App Design – The New Age of Creativity

App Design – The New Age of Creativity

Strangely, with the evolution of technology, the ways in which people express their individuality have changed dramatically. In the middle ages, people expressed themselves through writing poems & books, and making impassioned speeches in public. As the industrial revolution arrived, people took the help of trends induced by mass production – such as choice of food, drinks, music, clothes, accessories and so on to express their individuality. The key word here was “Choice”. The industrial revolution created Choice as the main medium for people to express who they were.

Today is the digital age. Over the past few decades, we have witnessed people expressing themselves along the lines of digital evolution – strange e-mail ids, interesting mobile numbers, SMS styles, customised inboxes, blogs, social media and websites. Today – people express themselves through applications.

A mobile application is a software application that is programmed to run on mobile devices. A mobile application becomes available or accessible to people through distribution platforms or mobile operating systems. Some of the earliest mobile applications were e-mail, calendar, organisers, alarm clock & contacts. These were made available through the early forms of mobile operating systems – such as embedded systems, the IBM Simon, Palm OS, Symbian and so on. As mobile operating systems evolved into faster, more powerful platforms, mobile applications such as weather & stock market updates, games, news & sports, location tracking, mobile internet browsers, music players came into the picture.

Today, with further advancements in mobile operating systems – such as the iOS, Blackberry, Windows for mobile and of course – Android, the mobile application market has literally exploded. There are millions of applications for every possible activity today. There is no dearth of things one can’t do with his or her mobile phone.

One of the primary reasons for this explosion is that these days, people have found yet another way of expressing their individuality – by designing their very own mobile application. Thanks to the Android platform being open source, almost anyone can design an application today. What’s more – if your application becomes popular, you can also earn some revenue on the side. Not bad at all! Gone are those days when expression of oneself lead to being called rebellious. These days, the more creative you are, the more differently you are able to see things, and the more articulate you are in presenting your thoughts to the world – the more chance you stand of making a wildly successful mobile application. All it requires is some basic programming skills – which are easy enough, given the endless amount of material available on the internet.

You might also take a few basic precautions. The first step would be to visualise what your application would do, and write down a list of basic features. Also, make a list of the characteristics which you hated the most in your least favourite applications. This will help you ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes. The golden rules are don’t over clutter your application, keep the interfaces clean and standard, and make the application as user friendly as possible. You can take the help of your friends to ensure that your application is something which anyone can use intuitively. So what are you waiting for??? Start designing – and enter the new era of creative thinking!

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Career and Education: I am currently PGDM 2nd year student (operations) from K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and research, Mumbai. I had a prior work experience of almost 2 years at Verizon Data Services India, Hyderabad, where I served as a server administrator. My work involved troubleshooting all kinds of OS and Hardware problems with Windows 2003 servers. My graduation consists of BE in IT from CBIT, Hyderabad. Social: Born in Mumbai to Bengali parents, raised in Hyderabad, studying now in Mumbai, I am pretty much the PAN Indian. I love making friends and meeting new people, although I wouldn’t really call myself a social butterfly. I love writing, and am a voracious reader – be it fiction or non-fiction. I think that one of the biggest comforts in life is being able to curl up on the couch with a great, exciting new book after a day’s work. I also enjoy all kinds of music, and I am a complete movie buff. I realise that there are grey areas in most issues, but I do call a spade a spade, when it’s glaringly obvious. I believe in God, but I’m not religious. I feel that it’s important to focus on the purpose rather than the medium used to achieve the purpose.

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