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Advertising For A Cause

Advertising For A Cause

Advertising For A Cause

Gone are the days when advertisers used young and charming female models or Bollywood celebrities to sell most products, but there is a new and emerging trend amongst advertisers to raise social causes in the advertisements to appeal their aware and concerned customers.

Save The Tiger – Save The Planet

Idea cellular is one of the first initiators’ of this healthy trend which reflected the realities of the evil practices prevailing in our society and provided the ideas that can change lives. From focusing on need for the education for all especially girl child, to providing alternative solutions to our biased caste system by calling people from their respective mobile numbers, or to advocate for walk while you talk for better health and their latest campaign of saving paper to conserve the beautiful flora and fauna and in turn our planet. For setting this innovative and entertaining advertising trend and out-of-the box ideas we must all appreciate Idea cellular and goes without saying what an idea sirji!

Jaago re campaign by the Tata Tea brought refreshing and new ideas to sell their product by awakening the youth of the nation through a cuppa of tea. It stressed upon exercising our fundamental rights and targeted one of the most deep-seated evil in our public offices corruption. It sought to awaken a sleeping generation and to encourage them to perform their duties such as voting. As the campaign progressed they have tied up with NGO’s to fulfill their commitments towards nation-building.

Only 1411 left – save the tiger, was the little step or initiative by the Aircel which opened the door to unmatched awareness among the masses towards this powerful and beautiful but mute member of the cat family. Numerous groups, activists and non-governmental organizations came forward to rescue this beautiful being who are on the verge of extinction.A single advertisement of few seconds led NDTV to launch a full -time campaign namely Save our Tigers and the country’s biggest star Amitabh Bachchan joined the campaign to do his bit.It starting airing the stories of the condition of the animal and how poachers roam free and sought answers from the government.Even the minister took interest in the cause. While Nokia’s recycle and take-back campaign is aimed at educating mobile-users about that importance of recycling e-waste. Even this crusade has turned out to be a success.

Advertising to awaken the conscience of the society is a commendable effort by different advertising agencies as they not only sell their products but they fulfill the demands or obligations of social responsibility.They have not only raised issues but involved the consumers in the process of reform. The advertisement not only generate public opinion on important issues but also pricks our conscience every time they appear on our television sets and never let the issue to die down. Looking forward to more such advertisements which look beyond the concept of just selling their products by hook or crook but in turn gives society something to ponder over. Waiting for a future where ads comes in a package of creative ideas in turn reflecting realities.

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