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9,000 yr old mysterious burial ritual discovered in Iran

Tehran, May 18 (ANI): Archeologists have discovered a mysterious burial ritual performed 9,000 years ago in Iran’s Sialk Mound located in the center of the country.

According to a report in Press TV, Iranian and Polish archeologists’ investigations have revealed a specific burial ritual in Sialk Mound.

“In this 9,000-year-old practice, four bodies were burned at a heat of 400 to 700 degrees. The ash and remains of the bodies were then buried in a jar,” said Hassan Fazeli, the director of Iran’s Archeology Research Center.

“Traces of red petals were found in the jar. Archeologists believe red flowers signified life and eternity in ancient Persia,” he added.

“A burial ritual encompassing burning has never been observed in Iran,” he claimed. “It makes the rare discovery of great importance,” he added.

Another body was found next to the foundation of a wall.

Archeologists from Iran, Germany, Britain, Italy and France have been studying the northern mound of Sialk since last week.

The Sialk Mound, located in the city of Kashan, is believed to be the origin of human technology, industry and religious thought in Iran. (ANI)

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