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16th century gold crucifix found in Nottinghamshire

London, June 5 (ANI): A 16th century gold crucifix that was found in North Nottinghamshire (Notts), UK, along with a silver whistle dating back to the same period, have been declared treasure.

According to a report in the Evening Post, the crucifix was found in the Tuxford area on August 21 with the use of a metal detector.

It is made of solid gold with traces of enamel.

The crucifix is believed to have belonged to a ‘recusant’ – a Roman Catholic who refused to attend Church of England services – and has letters engraved across it. It is around 4cms long.

Notts Coroner Dr Nigel Chapman declared the crucifix as treasure under the Treasure Act 1996, and it is being bought by Bassetlaw Museum.
The ornate silver whistle, which is around 3cms long, was found in Bawtry in September 2007 and is also a post-medieval 16th century piece.

It has a flower design on the side and would have been used to give messages at sea.

Dr Chapman also declared this piece treasure and Bassetlaw Museum will also be purchasing the whistle.

Bassetlaw Museum is in the 18th century building Amcott House in Grove Street, in the centre of Retford.

The collections include local history, archaeology, decorative and fine art, agriculture, costume and textiles. (ANI)

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