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“Farmville” The Latest Addiction On Facebook



Nowadays youths have become addicted of social networking sites and online gaming is one the most popular features which attracts them mostly. Slowly it becomes an addiction and almost it is impossible to avoid once anyone has enjoyed playing online games on these social networking sites. There are various sites which offer a number of online games like scrabble, pool, car racing, bubbles, gems and in fact many more.

Needless to mention Facebook has overtaken all other the social networking sites. It has become a favorite among every age group. People spend hours chatting and playing games here. Thus wasting their all time which could have been put to do some constructive work. It has become like a drug to them without any rehab facility.

Farmville is one of the online games offered by Facebook. It has become a rage among users all around the world. Here one can do everything that are done in a farm such as plough a land, grow as well as harvest crops, beautify the farm with greenery, animals and numerous other features. It won’t be wrong to say you can do virtual farming in Farmville. Farville is among the list of top online games on social networking site. Here one can grow different varieties of crops which include rice, wheat, potatoes, pineapple strawberries and many more. Each crop has a different maturity time and accordingly harvesting is needed or they wither away. Thus people keep on visiting their farms to check their crops regularly.

This game has many levels and the player can move up by spending a lot of coins, working hard and planting more seeds. Every new level has some new tasks to be done. The players can have neighbors. They can give gifts to each other as well as help. So there is a lot that one can do here such as milk a cow, rear a sheep, harvest apples, limes, dates and in fact many other interesting activities.

With this game now, one can fulfill his wish of becoming a farmer. The player can completely maintain the farm according to personal wishes. One can grow crops, expand farm, own a house, buy tractors and various farming equipments. Without any hard work and any sweating in the sun one can become a virtual farmer. Rewards, in the form of ribbons, are given in the game.

Farmville has become very popular among the Facebook games. It has already acquired many fans though it has to go a long way. If you haven’t played it then you must go for it.

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