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The Mystery called “Woman”

The Mystery called “Woman”

Women – The most beautiful & mysterious creatures on this planet. Ever since the beginning of time, men have always been trying to impress women. Anthropologists say that this is due to the primal need to mate & reproduce. But ... Read More »

Women’s Reservation Bill

The reservation had been made part of Indian constitution by the framers of our constitution to improve the conditions of the underprivileged section, depressed class and minority. It is on the premises, women groups are demanding for the reservation of ... Read More »

Women And Makeup – An Eternal Bond

Ask any guy what he hates the most about women. The answer will be almost unanimous –  Their obsession with their looks.  Women obsess day and night about their looks. Even the shabbiest tomboy does pay a great deal of ... Read More »

Women And Chocolate

Sinful is how women has always described chocolate. But despite so, do you know that 99% of all women love chocolate and that they may actually prefer chocolate over sex? What exactly about chocolate makes it so wonderful? Well, in ... Read More »

Inner Beauty Of Women

There is no doubt that women and beauty are timeless. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that to each of us allure has a different definition, yet how do we define attraction? Symmetry, a healthy glow to the ... Read More »

Women don’t always fall for tall men

London, July 2 (ANI): It may be time to reconsider the adage that bigger is better, for a new study has shown that traditional hunter-gatherers in Tanzania don’t consider height to be an important factor when choosing a partner, as ... Read More »

Women learn self-defense in Bangalore

Bangalore, June 11 (ANI): Following a spurt in attacks on women in metros, self-defence training is being imparted to women in Bangalore. Women become the silent victims of attacks. But with self-defense training, the women of IT city, Bangalore, now ... Read More »

Women suffer more from perfectionism

London, May 29 (ANI): A higher proportion of women feel that they do not meet their own high standards with family and workplace commitments, say US researchers. According to a study of 288 adults, when it comes to feelings of ... Read More »