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Save The Antarctic

It must be little more than one hundred years since humans first set foot on Antarctica and even today few people have visited the frozen and hostile southern continent. Although nine countries have territorial claims on the continent, several of them ... Read More »

Conserving Our Wildlife Heritage

One cannot be truly human and civilised unless one looks upon not only fellowmen but all creation with the eyes of a friend, it is sad that in country after country, progress should become synonymous with an assault on the ... Read More »

Heat wave hits wildlife in Jammu

Jasrota, Kathua, July 1 (ANI): Acute water shortage in Jammu has led to death of a number of animals in and around the Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary. The natural water reserves have all dried up due to the heat wave and ... Read More »

Tourism dips in Gir sanctuary due to heat

Sasan Gir  (Gujarat), May 19 (ANI): Tourist inflow to the Gir National Park in Gujarat, the world’s only natural habitat for the rare majestic Asiatic lions, has dipped due to the intense heat. This year several factors have affected the ... Read More »

Fire in Uttarakhand forest

Chamoli/Gochar/Devprayag/Hrishikesh (Uttarakhand), May 6 (ANI): Forest areas have catught fire in Uttarakhand, destroying forest and disturbing wildlife. The fire is not only polluting the environment, but has also become a grave danger for the people living near the forests. The ... Read More »

Tips on do’s and don’t of Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography has a universal appeal attracting human curiosity and today it is gaining ground very rapidly-may be it is due to our inbuilt wild connections with nature and its creations. Interestingly the pioneers in this field were the hunters-turned conservationists like Jim Corbett & E.P. Gee. The previous hunters were the people who helped in promoting interest in the wildlife by taking interesting photographs. That era may be classified as the period of birth of Wildlife photography in India Read More »