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India eyes ultra light US howitzers

Even as US secretary for defence Robert Gates is expected to visit India later this month, New Delhi is now actively exploring the option of importing 145 air-mobile ultra-light howitzers (ULHs) for around Rs 2,900 crore from Washington in a ... Read More »

Software firm Microsoft Corp cuts 800 more jobs

Microsoft Corp said on Wednesday it is cutting a further 800 jobs across its operations, on top of 5,000 jobs already eliminated under a plan to reduce costs that was announced in January. A spokesman for the world’s largest software ... Read More »

Why cancer patients are more Washington

Washington, May 19 (ANI): A new study on rats has shed light on why cancer patients are more prone to depression. Researchers at the University of Chicago found that tumours produce chemicals, which can produce negative mood swings. It has ... Read More »

What keeps smokers thin

Washington, May 06 (ANI): Previous studies have shown that smokers have less body fat as compared to non-smokers. Now, a new study by U.S. researchers may help explain the reason. For the study, researchers from Weill Medical College of Cornell ... Read More »

US Senate takes up bill tripling aid to Pakistan

Influential US Senators John Kerry and Richard Lugar on Monday introduced legislation tripling American aid to Pakistan to $ 1.5 billion annual for five years to carry forward what Washington believes will be a rejuvenated policy aimed at walking the ... Read More »

All eyes on North Korea’s ‘missile’ launch

North Korea said preparations to launch a communications satellite into space were complete Saturday morning, and liftoff was imminent. Spy satellites trained high-resolution cameras on a coastal launch pad for a launch the North earlier advised international authorities would take ... Read More »