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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a computer stimulated environment with which a person can interact almost as if it was a part of the real world. Virtual reality while still extremely new has become the topic of many opposing viewpoints. It has ... Read More »

Multimedia – A Revolution

Multimedia is tools and techniques used in computing to allow computer programmes to handle sound, picture and video components. In a multimedia system, one can use computer to select extract from a piece of music which can then be broadcast ... Read More »

Pradeep Guha joins Vdopia’s board of advisors

New Delhi, May 26 (ANI/Business Wire India): Ex CEO of Zee TV, Pradeep Guha has joined the Board of Advisors of Vdopia, leading online video monetization player and premium video advertising platform targeting the most responsive and affluent audiences across ... Read More »

Lady Gaga’s secret ‘beau’ revealed

Washington, April 21 (ANI): Lady Gaga is romancing Los Angeles entrepreneur called Speedy, according to reports. The pop vixen was said to have fallen for the mystery man after the two met on the set of her Love Game music ... Read More »

Shilpa Shetty shoots her IPL video

The City Palace in Jaipur has been the venue for quite a number of film shoots, including the recent Salman-starrer Veer. Shilpa was a bundle of energy during the shoot of the promotional video for her IPL team More Pics ... Read More »