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Women Power Finally Unleashed In USA

It has been one of the apparent paradoxes that while USA has been one of the countries that gave birth to women empowerment women emancipation etc., participation of women in politics was none what so ever for quite a long ... Read More »

After all, tomorrow is another day

That was the ending note of “Gone with the wind”. To call it a novel would be simply condescending, for it is one of the biggest masterpieces of all times. First released in 1936, the only novel written by Margaret ... Read More »

Legislation to make H-1B hiring tough

There seems stricter H-1B restrictions are in the offing for IT firms. According to a report, two senators Bernie Sanders and Charles Grassley, have introduced legislation that would bar any company that lays off 50 or more workers from hiring ... Read More »

Bollywood dance taking America & West by storm

Bollywood dance craze is spreading across USA, Canada and Europe. Bollywood dance classes/workshops are hot, fun, energetic and contagious and Bollywood dance studios/companies/centers/schools are popping up almost everywhere across cities of America, Canada and many countries of Europe to teach ... Read More »

Michelle Obama to show her force in bio-comic

Washington, April 25 (ANI): Michelle Obama is set to grace the cover of a biographical comic book. The First Lady will feature in the Female Force: Michelle Obama “as she secures her place in American history”. Bluewaters Productions told USA ... Read More »

Justice Department memos prove US did not torture

Washington, Apr.18 (ANI): A high-profile attorney has claimed that the declassified Department of Justice memos detailing interrogation techniques prove the U.S. did not torture, even as the ACLU and some lawmakers claim the memos are proof positive the Bush administration ... Read More »

Indian CEOs raise H-1B visa issue with Obama Administration

India’s corporate leadership raised the issue of H-1B visa restrictions during their first high-level interaction with Obama Administration officials and was assured that there would not be a serious setback to the programme unless unemployment rate in US plummets drastically. ... Read More »