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The Oil Crisis

Sometimes complex truths become clearer when we put them in very simple terms. Around the world, political leaders are still living in the delusion that we have time on our hands to find sensible alternatives to oil. But global oil ... Read More »

MBA Degree – Not An Easy One

Our country is very different from most developed countries. Here, as soon as students step out of graduation, they leap into an MBA (or some other post graduation course, but we are not talking about those here). Their counterparts from ... Read More »

Wipro got highest H-1B visas in 2009

With 1,964 H-1B visas in 2009, Indian IT major Wipro has topped the list of firms that got the coveted US visas for highly skilled professionals. Microsoft with 1,318 visas came next, with Intel (723) in third place, while Google ... Read More »

US to pat-down flyers from Pakistan

Flying to America may have just gotten more tedious, ostensibly to make it safer for everyone, following an Xmas Day attempt by al-Qaida to blow up a trans-Atlantic commercial jet in Detroit. Maintaining that “effective aviation security must begin beyond ... Read More »

India eyes ultra light US howitzers

Even as US secretary for defence Robert Gates is expected to visit India later this month, New Delhi is now actively exploring the option of importing 145 air-mobile ultra-light howitzers (ULHs) for around Rs 2,900 crore from Washington in a ... Read More »

Demand for H-1B work visa rises

After months of lackluster response, US authorities have witnessed a sudden increase in demand for H-1B work visa, which is popular am ong Indian professionals. Though the applications received so far are still over 6,000 short of the Congress-mandated cap ... Read More »

Barack Obama says China, US ‘partners not rivals’

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday pledged a “positive, cooperative and comprehensive” relationship with China, after talks with his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao in Beijing. Obama said he told China that all minorities should enjoy human rights and urged China ... Read More »

US F1 student visas fall 25% in year 2009

It’s official. There were less F1 student visas for the US issued across India in financial year 2009 (Oct 08-Sep 09) than the previous FY08. In fact, 25,860 issuances in FY09 actually translates into a whopping 25% decline over 34,510, ... Read More »

US President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

US President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” the Norwegian Nobel Committee said, citing his outreach to the Muslim world and attempts to curb ... Read More »

Dell Inc to close US plant, lay off 905

Dell Inc said Wednesday it will close a desktop computer manufacturing plant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, by the end of January. The computer maker said 905 people will be laid off, with around 600 to be let go next month. ... Read More »

US government clears Hawkeye E-2D aircraft for India

The US government cleared yet another high technology system for India, the “futuristic” shipboard Hawkeye E-2D aircraft for Airborne Early Warning (AEW) and battle management. The clearance has been described by diplomatic sources as a fallout of the “successful” visit ... Read More »

US says ready for direct talks with North Korea

The US state department said on Friday it was prepared to hold direct talks with North Korea to try to coax it back into multilateral negotiations on ending its nuclear programs. Previously, US officials had sent mixed signals about direct ... Read More »