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United Nation praises ICC for social responsibility

United Nation have lavished praise on the ICC for its commitment towards social responsibility and said the cricket governing body’s effort to use the game to promote peace, development and understanding has been commendable. “The work of the ICC in ... Read More »

UN chief express concern over Nepal political crisis

New York, May 4 (ANI): UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has expressed serious concern over the current political crisis in Nepal centered on the relationship between the Maoist-led Government and the Chief of Army Staff, General Rookmangad Katawal. In a ... Read More »

All eyes on North Korea’s ‘missile’ launch

North Korea said preparations to launch a communications satellite into space were complete Saturday morning, and liftoff was imminent. Spy satellites trained high-resolution cameras on a coastal launch pad for a launch the North earlier advised international authorities would take ... Read More »