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My Love’s True – And One Sided

“The greatest pain that love can cause, Is loving someone who can never be yours” I remember one of the worst phases of growing up was having feelings and not being able to express them. Its only now that I ... Read More »

Txtng cn ruin ur helth n scool perfrmanc

New York, May 26 (ANI): Texting may have become a popular way of communication among teenagers, but it could lead to anxiety, distraction in school, falling grades, repetitive stress injury and sleep deprivation, say experts. According to the Nielsen Company, ... Read More »

Parents urged to stop kids’ ‘sexting’

Sydney, May 04 (ANI): Parents will be urged to keep an on eye on their kids in a campaign to stop an alarming rise in the number of teenagers involved in ‘sexting’. The New South Wales (NSW) government is set ... Read More »

Chewing gum can boost teens’ academic performance

Washington, Apr 23 (ANI): A new study has given students the perfect excuse to chew gum in classrooms: the “mouth-exerciser” can boost academic performance of teenagers. That’s the conclusion of a new research from Baylor College of Medicine. The study ... Read More »