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Lanka envoy calls pro-Malay Tamil protesters ‘jokers’

Kuala Lumpur, May 29 (ANI): Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to Malaysia Dr D.D. Ranasinghe has described Malaysian Indians who participated in Sunday’s protest rally against alleged Lankan Tamil atrocities as “jokers”. A Tamil Nesan report quoted Dr Ranasinghe as saying ... Read More »

Tamil protesters attack 5 army trucks in Tamil Nadu

Coimbatore, May 2 (ANI): Tamil protestors on Saturday ransacked five army trucks at Neelambur area near Coimbatore, following rumours that the weapon laden trucks were meant for Sri Lankan Army. Around 80 trucks laden with weapons and other army supply ... Read More »

Lanka Government announces temporary cease-fire

Colombo/Chennai, Apr.27 (ANI): The Sri Lanka Government has announced a temporary cease-fire to allow for the evacuation of nearly 20,000 Lankan Tamil civilians from a no-fire zone deep in rebel LTTE territory. Sources in Colombo said that there would be ... Read More »