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Is India Really Welcoming?

India is a beautiful country. Here, we have everything available to us in abundance. The Himalayas protect us from the chilly winds of the north, and we are surrounded by three majestic seas on our sides. We have a beautiful ... Read More »

India – A Place Of Great Interest

India has seen many eras blooming on her soil. Each era has left its indelible lifestyle, thinking, languages, tastes and the whole culture. From Harappas to Maurya, Guptas to Sultans and Mughals to the English, India saw a metamorphosis in ... Read More »

Gandhi, Taj Mahal, Amitabh may feature in Google logos

Mahatma Gandhi, the Taj Mahal or Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan drawn by schoolchildren may soon feature in specialised homepage logos in popular search engine Google on festive occasions in India. Specialised logos based on the theme ‘My India’ will feature ... Read More »

Julia Roberts visits symbol of love “Taj Mahal”

Oscar winner Julia Roberts (Pretty Woman) visited the world famous symbol of love “Taj Mahal” in Agra (India) on  Saturday, about 200 kilometers from Pataudi where she is currently staying for the shooting of “Eat, Pray, Love”, according to reports. ... Read More »

Scorching heat in Agra

Agra, May 6 (ANI): Temperature touching close to 47 degrees has reduced the number of foreigners visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra. Taj Mahal is on the top of their itinerary for international visitors. They are seen wearing big hats ... Read More »