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Green tea may cut stroke risk

Melbourne, June 11 (ANI): Two cups of green tea a day may reduce a person’s risk of having the most common form of stroke, say researchers. According to researcher Professor Colin Binns, of the School of Public Health at Curtin ... Read More »

Second stroke follows first one within hours

Washington, June 2 (ANI): Half of mini-strokes lead to major stroke within 24 hours of the first event, a new research has found. The research has been published in the June 2, 2009, print issue of Neurology, the medical journal ... Read More »

Window for stroke treatment widens

Washington, May 29 (ANI): After a stroke, a patient gets very little time to get treatment. Now, a new study has shown that stroke medications can benefit patients up to 4.5 hours after they experience first symptom. It is believed ... Read More »

Snoring may cause brain damage in sleep apnoea patients

Melbourne, May 18 (ANI): Snoring could severely impair brain function among sleep apnoea sufferers, say researchers at the University of New South Wales. The researchers have found that the changes in brain biochemistry linked with obstructive sleep apnoea have been ... Read More »

Genes linked with hypertension identified

London, May 11 (ANI): An international team of scientists, including an Indian-origin researcher, have identified new genes associated with hypertension. Dr. Aravinda Chakravarti, head of the Centre for Complex Disease Genomics in the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine at Hopkins, ... Read More »