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The Silver Screen – A Dangerous Medium

The silver screen seems to have taken up on them to cleanse our society of all social evils, which in my opinion is absurd, shedding more light on such issues is in way helping any of the causes for as ... Read More »

Happiness – A Lost Paradise

Happiness is something that all of us are always looking for. Be it through earning as much money as possible so that we can lead a comfortable lifestyle, or by making great friends, we always look for happiness. But is ... Read More »

Caste System In India

The Indian constitution does not recognize the caste system. It treats every human as equal. However it does not recognize the fact that there are some sections of the society who have been oppressed for a long time. They need ... Read More »

Freedom Of Press

By press mean all the media of mass communication. Free press usually means the right to press, a right to confidentiality of sources, and right to access. There is also a statutory right to know which was created by the ... Read More »

Let Us Be Humane, Let Us Respect Disability!

In an era of unprecedented technological and economic advancements, there is still a stratum of society that is being compelled to lead a claustrophobic existence. Ironically, the so-called citizen-friendly societies of the world too do not fall short of according ... Read More »

Child Marriage – Curse to our society

Throughout the world, the problem of early, forced marriages of children is considered to be a violation of basic human rights. It has been estimated that 49 countries have a significant child bride problem. Child marriage is another ‘blessing’ of ... Read More »