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Insomnia – More Dangerous Than Cancer

“A good night’s sleep” is probably one of the most underrated phrases in the world. The root cause of almost all health problems is lack of good sleep. Sleep is a bodily function that is not only related to our ... Read More »

Sleep may help regulate emotional responses

Washington, June 11 (ANI): A new study has revealed that sleep selectively preserves memories that are emotionally salient and relevant to future goals when sleep follows soon after learning. Lead author Dr Jessica Payne, of Harvard Medical School in Boston ... Read More »

Married women ‘sleep better than single ones’

Washington, June10 (ANI): Looking for a good night’s sleep? Well, you can start by finding a husband for yourself, suggest researchers. According to a research abstract that will be presented today at SLEEP 2009, the 23rd Annual Meeting of the ... Read More »

A good night’s sleep may help you lose weight

Washington, May 18 (ANI): Getting more sleep can help you shed those extra pounds, a study has suggested. According to the study, body mass index (BMI) is linked to length and quality of sleep in a surprisingly consistent fashion. During ... Read More »

Exercise may benefit patients with mild to moderate OSA

Washington, May 7 (ANI): People suffering from mild to moderate form of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) may benefit from certain tongue and pharyngeal exercises, according to a study. “It was commonly thought among doctors that strengthening and toning oropharyngeal muscles ... Read More »

Obstructive sleep apnea raises heart disease risk

Washington, May 5 (ANI): Obstructive sleep apnea, or periodic interruptions in breathing throughout the night, can increase the risk of several forms of heart and vascular disease, researchers have found. What’s more, the common sleep apnea thickens sufferers’ blood vessels, ... Read More »

Gene linked to narcolepsy identified

London, May 4 (ANI): Researchers have identified a gene linked to narcolepsy, a disorder that causes disabling daytime sleepiness, sleep attacks, irresistible bouts of sleep and disturbed sleep at night. The gene is known for its role in the immune ... Read More »

Poor sleep quality linked to worse stroke outcomes

Washington, Apr 29 (ANI): A new study has revealed that stroke victims are at an increased mortality risk if they have diagnosed or undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea prior to having the stroke. Lead researcher Dr Latha Stead, professor and chair ... Read More »

Little sleep could make kids hyperactive

Washington, Apr 28 (ANI): Children’s short sleep duration even without sleeping difficulties increases the risk for behavioural symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), says a new study. The study, led by researchers at the University of Helsinki and National ... Read More »

Too much or too little sleep ups diabetes risk

Washington, Apr 22 (ANI): People who sleep too much or not enough are at greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance, say researchers at Université Laval’s Faculty of Medicine. The risk is 21/2 times higher for ... Read More »