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Can’t We Think Beyond Caste?

The central government has already given its nod for caste based census after a very long time in 1931. At one hand we talk of equality irrespective of caste, creed, religion and community .campaigns to eradicate the feeling of caste ... Read More »

In The Name Of Culture

India has always been known for its’  plurality in culture, religion, ethnicity and thought and the co-existence between all of them in peaceful environment makes India what it is today. But some forces over the years have tried to portray ... Read More »

Scottish cops list Jedi as their official religion!

London, April 17 (ANI): Strathclycde Police in Scotland, have listed eight officers, who follow Star Wars’ Jedi religion as their official faith. A Jane’s Police Review had been carried out to see how many Brit employees followed the religion created ... Read More »