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The Mystery called “Woman”

The Mystery called “Woman”

Women – The most beautiful & mysterious creatures on this planet. Ever since the beginning of time, men have always been trying to impress women. Anthropologists say that this is due to the primal need to mate & reproduce. But ... Read More »

Materialism VS Nihilism

“Take my money….. Take my possessions….. Obsessions…” These are the world famous lyrics of the smash hit song “Between Angels and insects” by the rock icon Papa Roach. These words have been ingrained on to ever rock fan’s brain, and ... Read More »

Measuring Success

All of us want to succeed in life. We want to succeed in our career, at our relationships and in ourselves. The emphasis on success these days is more today than it was before. People are working impossible hours in ... Read More »

The Changing Equations Of Saas-Bahu Relationships

The world seems to have come a full circle in relation to the emerging trends in saas-bahu relationships. Gone are the days when mother-in-laws were regarded as brutal bullies who left no stone unturned in making their daughter-in-laws slog to ... Read More »

Music evolved to cement relationships

London, June 3 (ANI): Musical aptitude is associated with gene variants which help control social bonding, a new study has found. The study further substantiates the notion that music developed to cement human relationships. To reach the conclusion, Irma Järvelä ... Read More »

Now, a robot becomes ‘Facebooker’!

London, May 7 (ANI): A robot is being given its own Facebook profile page in a bid to bridge the divide between humans and robots. With the development, researchers are hoping to foster meaningful relationships with people. The page will ... Read More »