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Dell Inc to close US plant, lay off 905

Dell Inc said Wednesday it will close a desktop computer manufacturing plant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, by the end of January. The computer maker said 905 people will be laid off, with around 600 to be let go next month. ... Read More »

Scientists discover ‘snow roots’

Washington, June 12 (ANI): Scientists have discovered a previously unknown and entirely unique form of plant root, which unlike normal roots, extend upward through layers of snow. Lead Scientist Professor Hans Cornelissen and his Russian-Dutch team have described this finding ... Read More »

Extract of Kava may help beat the blues

Washington, May 12 (ANI): A traditional extract of Kava, a medicinal plant from the South Pacific, may be safe and effective in reducing anxiety as well as depression, a study has found. In the study, researchers at the University of ... Read More »