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Common Man – Not So Common

Bottom Of The Pyramid

No one gave a more apt comment on the common man than the Late Abraham Lincoln, former President of the United States of America- “God must love the common man, He has made so many of them”. Well, if we ... Read More »

All I Need Is Faith!

Once upon a time a great businessman had lost all his fortunes and had over nightly become a classic example of “from-riches-to-rags” story. From everywhere in the vicinity, sad shaking of head and murmuring of sympathies could be heard. Surprisingly, ... Read More »

The Times Of India Of Near About Ninety Pages

The Times of India created history with its Mumbai edition yesterday when it came out with the issue containing 88 pages, in commemoration of 16 anniversary of its Bombay Times edition, the supplement published along with the main newspaper that ... Read More »

Media And The Youth

“Daddy, please leave the entertainment page for me, I need to know the latest filmy gossip, and read my horoscope” – trills a typical 20 year old before rushing off to college. Her father snorts with disdain, but leaves the ... Read More »