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Married People And Their Dark Secrets

Marriage is supposed to be one of the most eternal and sacred bonds. When 2 people get married, they commit themselves to a lifetime to togetherness. They vow to be love each other for better or for worse, and to ... Read More »

Family Life In India

Family ties are important to most Indians. In India, people learn the essential themes of cultural life within the bosom of a family. It is a country where  family is the most important institution that has survived through the ages. ... Read More »

The Institution of Marriage

Marriage is a silken tie of love between 2 people usually not related by blood. It is the oldest way of getting a man & woman live together for life in a society and have the closest relations with each ... Read More »

Khap di khap

The Khap Panchyat from districts surrounding Kurukshetra and other parts of Haryana seems to have been slighted by the decision of the Kurukshetra High Court of questioning their authority of awarding death penalties to couples who marry within the gotra. ... Read More »

UK gets tough on marriage-for-visa scam

Following widespread bogus marriages with the aim of gaining residence, the British government is considering bringing biometric checks on foreign nationals. Many Indians are involved in this ‘unofficial’ immigration process. “Just because someone is married does not mean at all ... Read More »

Marriage can make you ‘fat’

London, July 7 (ANI): People who marry are up to three times more likely to become obese than those who just keep dating, according to a new study. According to the study, soon after a groom carries his bride over ... Read More »

Katie Holmes dismisses marriage split rumours

London, June 7 (ANI): Katie Holmes has lashed out at “spiteful” rumours claiming that her marriage to Tom Cruise is on the rocks, insisting that “enough is enough”. The 30-year-old actress declared: “Some of the stuff people have said is ... Read More »