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The Mystery called “Woman”

The Mystery called “Woman”

Women – The most beautiful & mysterious creatures on this planet. Ever since the beginning of time, men have always been trying to impress women. Anthropologists say that this is due to the primal need to mate & reproduce. But ... Read More »

Friendship – A Basic Instinct

Human beings are social creatures. Since our evolution, we have always lived in groups, mutually co-existing. Deep within us, we all realise that we cannot, and do not, want to be alone. This is the basis of our existence. This ... Read More »

My Love’s True – And One Sided

“The greatest pain that love can cause, Is loving someone who can never be yours” I remember one of the worst phases of growing up was having feelings and not being able to express them. Its only now that I ... Read More »

All I Need Is Faith!

Once upon a time a great businessman had lost all his fortunes and had over nightly become a classic example of “from-riches-to-rags” story. From everywhere in the vicinity, sad shaking of head and murmuring of sympathies could be heard. Surprisingly, ... Read More »

Materialism VS Nihilism

“Take my money….. Take my possessions….. Obsessions…” These are the world famous lyrics of the smash hit song “Between Angels and insects” by the rock icon Papa Roach. These words have been ingrained on to ever rock fan’s brain, and ... Read More »

Married People And Their Dark Secrets

Marriage is supposed to be one of the most eternal and sacred bonds. When 2 people get married, they commit themselves to a lifetime to togetherness. They vow to be love each other for better or for worse, and to ... Read More »

Women And Chocolate

Sinful is how women has always described chocolate. But despite so, do you know that 99% of all women love chocolate and that they may actually prefer chocolate over sex? What exactly about chocolate makes it so wonderful? Well, in ... Read More »

Platonic Affairs – Harmless Or Insane?

One of the worst nightmares for anyone in a relationship is that the love of their life is cheating on them. Some people trust their partners, while others, constantly beset by fears and insecurities, obsess continuously over their partner’s whereabouts ... Read More »

Mirabai – A Story Of Unconditional Love

They said she was insane. They said she was wrong. She was criticised, punished, abandoned and outcast by society – yet, she never faltered. Her love was pure and divine as Lord Krishna himself. She loved him completely and purely, ... Read More »

The Institution of Marriage

Marriage is a silken tie of love between 2 people usually not related by blood. It is the oldest way of getting a man & woman live together for life in a society and have the closest relations with each ... Read More »

Origin of money

Most of us believe money originates from the Mint (the government authority which prints the notes and mints the coins) however it is partially correct that the Mints are the sole production units of money. History of money: Money making ... Read More »

Magic of Night

It can only be done by Gulzar, and as far as the introduction of new idioms and conventions into the language of love is concerned no one can come near him. He again showed it with such a finesse in ... Read More »