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India is Spineless: Ian Bishop

Ian Bishop former fast bowler who has been one of the tormentors of the Indian batsmen during his heydays seems to have gone too far by saying that India is “spineless”. If it is so, what would one say about ... Read More »

Pune and Kochi join IPL party from 2011

After the long wait, the announcement has finally been made – the Indian Premier League is to expand to 10 franchises with the addition of the Pune and Kochi franchises from the 2011 season onwards. The financial might of the ... Read More »

Kings XI Punjab hold nerve in SUPER win

What Yuvraj had not done in last three matches, he has achieved in the third ball of super over with a reverse sweep in the bowling of Muralitharan that gave his team a nerve-cracking win, their first win in this ... Read More »

IPL not going out of India, says Sundar Raman

There is no plan to stage Indian Premier League outside the country but franchises are free to play abroad, IPL chief executive Sundar Raman said on Friday. Dismissing reports that a second IPL is in the offing and it would ... Read More »

From to be or not to be to bee to bee

William Shakespeare must be chafing in his grave. His famous quote ” To be or not to be” has now been hijacked and it has become ” To bee or not to bee”. Let me clarify. The swarm of bees ... Read More »

Preity Zinta makes a statement

The inauguration of the Indian Premier League in the third season was a razzmatazz that was supposed to enthrall the audience the world over and therefore it was planned in a manner to include primarily performances having a western orientation. ... Read More »

Kolkata Knight Riders ride high in the IPL opener

Kolkata Knight Riders will forget their gloomy past after an ecstatic win  begining of each of the against the defending champions. They stood hard after huge blows in the beginning of either of the innings. Veteran bowler Chaminda Vaas gave ... Read More »

Is there a spectator fatigue in IPL?

It is only the third season but some whispered talks have started rearing their heads in some quarters that IPL has started experiencing spectator fatigue and something urgent needs to be done, to stem the rot. It is probably one ... Read More »

Indian Premier League and Women Empowerment

Today when whole of the world is celebrating Women’s Day, which in fact is entering into its hundredth year, it indeed is an opportune moment to place the evolution of IPL and its contribution to Women’s Empowerment. It would not ... Read More »