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Common Man – Not So Common

Bottom Of The Pyramid

No one gave a more apt comment on the common man than the Late Abraham Lincoln, former President of the United States of America- “God must love the common man, He has made so many of them”. Well, if we ... Read More »

Advertising Industry

Advertising Industry is a rapidly growing industry. The advertising industry besides functioning as an intermediate between the manufacturers and the customers plays an important role in the economy of the country. Movies, Internet, Print Media, broadcasting constitute 0.99% in approximately ... Read More »

Be Cautious On Social Networking Sites!

Nowadays people are getting addicted of using social networking sites like anything. Especially youths enjoy the most to spend their leisure hours on social sites. With increasing craze of social networking site the chances are more and more that you ... Read More »

Pros and Cons of Online Relationships

Modern technology hasn’t solved any of the problems of creating and preserving a good relationship. Computers and the internet have merely added a new wrinkle in old pattern of love and loss. With websites that specialize in matching people up ... Read More »

National Geographic also goes online

National Geographic was one of the magazines which had a readership that was the envy of the magazines around the world for the eclectic fan following that it has had across the generations. But it also seems to have either ... Read More »

Cloudy Skies

Once upon a time, there lived a huge giant called the Mainframe. It helped several people share data and supported large applications. Then arrived a family called Client-Server. Most people who used Mainframe, switched over to Client-Server, mainly because while ... Read More »

Google’s Gmail crashes again

Google Inc’s Gmail service was knocked offline on Tuesday in an outage that the company said affected a “majority” of its millions of email users, including consumers who get Gmail for free and businesses that pay for a version for ... Read More »

Yahoo homepage gets new features

Yahoo began rolling out a promised major redesign of its homepage as the struggling Internet pioneer worked to revitalise its image and incorporate hot new online trends. The debut of the promised overhaul came several months ahead of schedule and ... Read More »

Internet-based intervention may help treat insomnia

Washington, July 7 (ANI): A new study has suggested that an online insomnia intervention based on established face-to-face cognitive behavioral therapy techniques could help patients get a good night’s sleep. Cognitive behavioral therapy-a psychological treatment focusing on the behaviours and ... Read More »

Oldest surviving Christian Bible goes online

London, July 6 (ANI): The oldest surviving Christian Bible has been launched on the Internet, thanks to a painstaking conservation project involving institutions in the UK, Germany, Egypt, and Russia. High-resolution digital images of the pages in the fourth-century book, ... Read More »