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Friendship – A Basic Instinct

Human beings are social creatures. Since our evolution, we have always lived in groups, mutually co-existing. Deep within us, we all realise that we cannot, and do not, want to be alone. This is the basis of our existence. This ... Read More »

Death By Choice

The science has progressed so much that we can now practically duplicate human beings- “clone them” as we call it. The entire human blueprint is available in the form of DNA which can be tweaked with and wonderful permutations and ... Read More »

The Greatest Of Them All – Fear Of Loss

We all have several fears hidden deep inside us. We feel afraid of the future, and of not being able to meet our own expectations. Some people are very afraid of disappointing their parents, partners, friends, etc. Few of us ... Read More »

The Art of Gaining Popularity

Popularity is something all human beings hanker after. Man is a social animal and unless he is a recluse, likes to relate with his fellow beings. All men are popular to some extent, within a small group, perhaps. But there ... Read More »

Talk to me, just don’t be with me

Until 200,000 years ago, speech was unknown to the human race. Speech was developed as a means of communication among humans due to the mutation of the FOXP2 gene. It was this mutation that led to the rapid evolvement of ... Read More »