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Facebook Overtakes Google

Facebook has emerged as the website that has the largest user base for any website, a feat that was the preserve of Google, and now Facebook has warmed up to this position. It also is an indicator about the fact ... Read More »

The Apple Turns Sour

The much awaited Apple iPhone 4 has disappointed the fans of Apple. The gadget, that promised users various functionalities like multi tasking, appears to be a preliminary prototype of what was originally promised. The model is shoddy, and has many ... Read More »

Search Engines – A New Life

As students, whenever we are confronted with the eternal task of assignments or report writing, we usually don’t feel so threatened, even if the topic is obscure. True, some of us feel irritated because it means some precious hours of ... Read More »

Cloudy Skies

Once upon a time, there lived a huge giant called the Mainframe. It helped several people share data and supported large applications. Then arrived a family called Client-Server. Most people who used Mainframe, switched over to Client-Server, mainly because while ... Read More »

Wipro got highest H-1B visas in 2009

With 1,964 H-1B visas in 2009, Indian IT major Wipro has topped the list of firms that got the coveted US visas for highly skilled professionals. Microsoft with 1,318 visas came next, with Intel (723) in third place, while Google ... Read More »

Google phone coming next week

Apple’s iPhones will have a big competition on their hands as Google is set to launch its much discussed smart phone next week. The new smart phone, Nexus One, may be unveiled Jan 5 when the internet search engine giant ... Read More »

Google search goes real-time

Google Inc has revamped its search engine to allow results to be refreshed with up-to-the-second data increasingly churned out by the new crop of real-time Web products. The move to integrate real-time search results directly into Google’s flagship Web search ... Read More »

Google’s Gmail crashes again

Google Inc’s Gmail service was knocked offline on Tuesday in an outage that the company said affected a “majority” of its millions of email users, including consumers who get Gmail for free and businesses that pay for a version for ... Read More »

Google’s new search engine, Caffeine

Google Inc is working on a new test version of its search engine, which the company claims will be faster and more relevant than ever before. The company has dubbed the new search engine “caffeine”. Look-wise, the new engine doesn’t ... Read More »

Infosys one of world’s fastest growing companies

IT bellwether Infosys Technologies, along with Internet major Google and software giant Apple, has been named among the world’s 100 fastest growing companies by American publication Fortune. The league of 100 is topped by Canada-based Research In Motion, the maker ... Read More »

Microsoft Corp, Yahoo Inc near search deal

Microsoft Corp and Yahoo Inc have agreed to an online search and advertising partnership, in an attempt to rival Google Inc, that will be announced within 24 hours, a source familiar with the situation said. Microsoft will not pay an ... Read More »