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Friendship – A Basic Instinct

Human beings are social creatures. Since our evolution, we have always lived in groups, mutually co-existing. Deep within us, we all realise that we cannot, and do not, want to be alone. This is the basis of our existence. This ... Read More »

“Farmville” The Latest Addiction On Facebook

Nowadays youths have become addicted of social networking sites and online gaming is one the most popular features which attracts them mostly. Slowly it becomes an addiction and almost it is impossible to avoid once anyone has enjoyed playing online ... Read More »

Facebook Overtakes Google

Facebook has emerged as the website that has the largest user base for any website, a feat that was the preserve of Google, and now Facebook has warmed up to this position. It also is an indicator about the fact ... Read More »

Social Networking Sites: Connecting Bonds

What’s common between your best school friend, your cousin and your college roommate or may be some of your relatives – it’s your very own social networking sites which help us to stay connected with our loved ones and cherish ... Read More »

Birds of a feather.. flock together

Newton’s third law states “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. I am sure when Newton formed this law; he did not anticipate its application would be valid even in networking sites. Everyone today has at least ... Read More »

Google search goes real-time

Google Inc has revamped its search engine to allow results to be refreshed with up-to-the-second data increasingly churned out by the new crop of real-time Web products. The move to integrate real-time search results directly into Google’s flagship Web search ... Read More »

Majority of Indians use Twitter for news

Twitter may have gained immense popularity as a microblogging website but in India majority use it as a source for news.  A survey by a technology site says about 16% of Indian users regularly ‘tweet’ to get news updates. While ... Read More »

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is on Facebook

Regular updates, videos of speeches and links to media clippings — Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is the latest among India’s plugged-in generation to join social networking site Facebook. Singh’s profile on Facebook is regularly updated and has a picture of ... Read More »

Google’s new search engine, Caffeine

Google Inc is working on a new test version of its search engine, which the company claims will be faster and more relevant than ever before. The company has dubbed the new search engine “caffeine”. Look-wise, the new engine doesn’t ... Read More »

Facebook hampers productivity at workplace

Facebook lovers, here is another survey showing how employee productivity is robbed at workplaces. So put a limit on its usage before employers and the bosses put a stop on its usage at work. While it won’t make employers popular, ... Read More »