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Save The Antarctic

It must be little more than one hundred years since humans first set foot on Antarctica and even today few people have visited the frozen and hostile southern continent. Although nine countries have territorial claims on the continent, several of them ... Read More »

Copernicus’ eyes were blue, not dark brown

Washington, July 10 (ANI): Father of modern astronomy Nicolaus Copernicus’ eye colour was blue and not dark brown, as had been believed earlier, revealed genetic research on the scientist’s remains. The study details the identification of the remains, and has ... Read More »

Astronomers discover new class of black holes

London, July 2 (ANI): An international team of astronomers has discovered a new class of black hole, more than 500 times the mass of the Sun. Astronomers made the finding in a distant galaxy approximately 290 million light years from ... Read More »

Searching for aliens just got easier!

Washington, June 11 (ANI: Astronomers, using the William Herschel Telescope (WHT) on La Palma have confirmed an effective way to search the atmospheres of planets for signs of life, vastly improving our chances of finding alien life outside our solar ... Read More »