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Guilty, Are You?

“It is the confession not the priest that gives us absolution”- When Oscar Wilde said these words, he was referring to one of the greatest problems of the human psyche- guilt! When a deadline has not been made, a promise ... Read More »

Common drugs may lead to cognitive impairment in older adults

Washington, June 2 (ANI): Drugs commonly prescribed for allergies, hypertension, asthma, and cardiovascular might lead to cognitive impairment in older adults, say researchers. Drugs, such as diphenhydramine, which have an anticholinergic effect, are important medical therapies available by prescription and ... Read More »

Our ‘potheads’ make their own marijuana

Washington, Apr 21 (ANI): Our brain makes proteins that act directly on the marijuana receptors in the head, say researchers. In the new study in FASEB Journal, researchers have discovered that the brain manufactures proteins that act like marijuana at ... Read More »