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Can’t We Think Beyond Caste?

The central government has already given its nod for caste based census after a very long time in 1931. At one hand we talk of equality irrespective of caste, creed, religion and community .campaigns to eradicate the feeling of caste ... Read More »

Importance Of Newspapers

We live in a global world. Many boundaries have broken due to vast political, economic and social change. Nations of the world are more closely connected now than ever before. Increased interaction and communication between people of different nations has ... Read More »

Tribal Marketing – A New Approach

Since the dawn of civilisation, man has always been characterised by his need for social belonging to a particular group. Earlier, groups used to be formed based on the proximity of humans to each other. Later, groups were formed based ... Read More »

Child Marriage – Curse to our society

Throughout the world, the problem of early, forced marriages of children is considered to be a violation of basic human rights. It has been estimated that 49 countries have a significant child bride problem. Child marriage is another ‘blessing’ of ... Read More »

Now MIC woos Hindraf leaders

Kuala Lumpur, May 11 (ANI): The Malaysian Inidan Congress (MIC) has invited HINDRAF leaders for possible talks and partnership for the sake of the Indian community. The Star quoted MIC secretary-general Dr S. Subramaniam as saying that the party was ... Read More »

UK police trebled stop and search of Muslims in 2008

London, May 1 (ANI): British Police anti-terror stop and search powers trebled last year, prompting fears that the policy is alienating the country’s Muslim community. According to The Independent, officers in England and Wales used Terrorism Act powers to search ... Read More »

Dalit voters in Bihar protest

Chapra (Bihar), Apr 17 (ANI): Voters belonging to Dalit community in Bihar took to the streets as a mark of protest against certain persons preventing them from casting their votes at one of the booths in Lal Bazar near Chapra. ... Read More »