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Sleep disorders in children are largely under-diagnosed

Washington, June 8 (ANI): Sleep disorders in children and teens are largely under-diagnosed, according to a new study. Lead author Dr. Lisa Meltzer obtained data from 32 primary care paediatric practices affiliated with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Her study paper ... Read More »

Biggest health myths busted

London, May 29 (ANI): If you believe that pregnant women are supposed to eat for two or sugar makes children hyperactive, better think again because these are just two of the countless health myths followed since generations. And now, scientists ... Read More »

Kids as young as 19 months develop cross-dialect skill

Washington, May 07 (ANI): Children as young as 19 months understand different dialects, a skill, which researchers call ‘phonological constancy.’ Everyday, we come across different accents. Even when a speaker of another English dialect pronounces words differently than we do, ... Read More »

Camphor-containing products may cause seizures in kids

Washington, May 7 (ANI): Improper use of camphor-containing products may lead to seizures in young children, according to a study. Conducted by researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, the study calls for efforts to educate communities ... Read More »

Sexting may land teens in legal trouble

Washington, May 7 (ANI): Police officials in Virginia have warned that sexting—a term used to describe the act of sending sexually explicit photos by cellular phones—may land teens in legal fix. The warning comes in the wake of a recent ... Read More »