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Patrick Swayze to be honoured for dance moves

Washington, May 7 (ANI): Cancer-stricken Patrick Swayze is to be honoured with a dance award. The star, who has been battling the deadly disease since the beginning of 2008, will receive the Rolex Dance Award at a gala in New ... Read More »

Cancer-stricken Farrah Fawcett loses her hair

Washington, May 7 (ANI): Inoperable anal cancer has robbed Farrah Fawcett of her famous hair. Ryan O’Neal, the ailing actress’ longtime partner, spoke about the Charlie’s Angels star’s brave fight to People magazine, where he said that Fawcett is not ... Read More »

Soon, a glowing band-aid to treat skin cancer

London, May 5 (ANI): If you thought that band-aids are just sticky plasters to heal small cuts and grazes, then get ready for their high-tech upgrade that can even be used to treat skin cancer. Polymertronics, based in Banbury, UK, ... Read More »

Personalized treatment for early lung cancer on the anvil

Washington, May 4 (ANI): Personalised treatments following surgery are now being offered for patients with early stages of lung cancer, experts at an international conference said. The experts reckoned that cancer vaccines and targeted therapies could help patients with lung ... Read More »