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Bollywood dance taking America & West by storm

Bollywood dance craze is spreading across USA, Canada and Europe. Bollywood dance classes/workshops are hot, fun, energetic and contagious and Bollywood dance studios/companies/centers/schools are popping up almost everywhere across cities of America, Canada and many countries of Europe to teach ... Read More »

Canada poised to ink nuke cooperation deal with India

Ottawa (Canada), May 28 (ANI): Canada is poised to sign a nuclear technology deal with India, the country’s International Trade Minister Stockwell Day said Wednesday. The pact will open up the lucrative Indian market to Canadian nuclear exports for the ... Read More »

Canada’s Governor-General savours raw seal

Ottawa (Canada), May 27 (ANI):  Canada’s Governor General Michaëlle Jean gobbled a piece of raw seal meat this week. The event took place in the Rankin Inlet in Nunavut, where Jean indulged in the traditional feast, reports the Globe and ... Read More »

Canada denies lifting arms sales ban on Pakistan

Ottawa (Canada), May 22(ANI):  Canada has made it clear that it has no intention of lifting a ban imposed on arms sales to Pakistan. The Country’s Foreign  Minister Lawrence Cannon’s communications director, Catherine Loubier, ruled out any possibility of Ottawa ... Read More »

Canada, Pakistan to resume officer-training program

Ottawa(Canada),May 20 (ANI): Canada has decided to resume an officer-training program with Pakistan’s military after it was called-off more than a decade ago. Confirming the report, Canada Defence Minister Peter MacKay said his country would once again start its military-to-military ... Read More »

New dino species might be found in Canada

Washington, May 13 (ANI): The discovery of a gruesome feeding frenzy that played out 73 million years ago in northwestern Alberta may also lead to the discovery of new dinosaur species in northwestern Alberta in Canada. The discovery includes nesting ... Read More »

Pak ‘most dangerous country in the world’: MacKay

Ottawa (Canada), May 12 (ANI): ‘Extremely concerned’ by the current volatile situation in Pakistan, Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay has termed Pakistan as the ‘most dangerous country in the world.’ “I’m extremely concerned. The instability in Pakistan in my view ... Read More »