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History of Money

One of the key components of modern banking is the introduction of paper money, which emerged in Europe in 17th century, and Sweden was again the first country where it made its debut. Paris followed Sweden in issuing paper currency ... Read More »

Evolution of Banking Operations

The business of banking evolved to provide services for business operations. They now provide all kind of services and make money by providing these services. The basic business of banks is to make money. It is their product that they ... Read More »

Process of bank operations

What is the process through which system of banking operates? Banking is based on the basic maxim of trust.  We have this faith in the banks that when we need our money deposited in the bank, bank would pay the ... Read More »

Working of the banks

Bank going by its definition in strict sense of terms is an entity on which you can have faith. This is precisely the maxim under which the banks operate. The functioning of the bank is derived from the trust that ... Read More »