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Cooking Your Way To Happiness!

If anyone of you has seen the movie “Julie and Julia”, you will understand from the subject what I am talking about. No matter how hectic is your schedule and your presence is absolutely solicited at ten different places at ... Read More »

The Emerging Trend of Body Tattoos

The popularity of body tattoos is scaling greater heights of popularity with each passing day. Gone are the days when tattoos and body piercings were restricted to the rural population of the country. Nowadays tattoos are considered the in-things in ... Read More »

The Art of Gaining Popularity

Popularity is something all human beings hanker after. Man is a social animal and unless he is a recluse, likes to relate with his fellow beings. All men are popular to some extent, within a small group, perhaps. But there ... Read More »

Theatre art reaches Manipur hilly areas

Ukhrul (Manipur), May 11 (ANI): To promote theatrical art in Manipur’s hilly areas, for the first time, a 45–day theatre workshop cum production programme is being held in remote area of the state. The event has been organised at Tongou ... Read More »