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Battery that runs on air unveiled

London, May 20 (ANI): British scientists have unveiled a revolutionary battery that runs on air. By sucking in oxygen that reacts with carbon inside, the super-cell recharges itself. The invention will pave the way for a new generation of electric ... Read More »

Now, a motorbike, which runs on air-pressure!

Ludihana, May 13 (ANI): A group of engineering students in Ludhiana has developed an eco-friendly motorbike which runs on air-pressure and doesn’t require fuel.   The 100cc bike equipped with two compressed air cylinders, gives a mileage of 11 miles ... Read More »

Now, get fake tan without smelling bad

London, May 6 (ANI): Get ready for getting an artificial tan that won’t leave you with a body odour, thanks to the new Aromaguard technology that chemically neutralises self-tanning lotion’s nasty smell. A research team led by Tim Whiteley of ... Read More »

Whoopi Goldberg sheds her flying fears!

New York, Apr 17 (ANI): Whoopi Goldberg is trying her best to beat her flying fears by travelling via air. Last month, the ‘View’ star shuttled back and forth to LA in a bus instead of taking a flight, when ... Read More »