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Wimbledon final tickets being sold for 8,500 pounds

London, July 3 (ANI): Tickets for the Wimbledon men’s final are being sold for 8,500 pounds each.

According to The Sun, Wimbledon top brass have pledged to prosecute black market touts trying to cash in on Murray mania.

But well-heeled debenture holders who provide funds for Wimbledon can sell their tickets.

An All England Club spokesman said: “It is thanks to debenture holders that we can undertake projects like the Centre Court roof. In return, we think it only fair that these investors are allowed to trade their tickets if they want to.”But I must point out that most debentures are bought by out-and-out tennis enthusiasts.”

Wimbledon themselves actively encourage the sale of debenture tickets by approving a website set up especially for the purpose of selling on the ‘white market’.

But ticket agencies get in through the back door by snapping up unwanted debenture holders’ seats so they can make booming profits from enthusiasts.

The All England Club issues debentures every five years to raise funds for capital expenditure.

The last batch in 2006 realized 46 million pounds and each single debenture cost 23,150 pounds. (ANI)

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