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When Becks was refused booze for being ‘too young’!

London, July 2 (ANI): David Beckham was refused alcohol because a waiter thought the 34-year-old football ace was too young to drink, according to a new book.

US sports writer Grant Wahl claims in his tome, entitled ‘The Beckham Experiment’, that the waiter failed to recognise the star at a steakhouse in Arlington, near Washington, where he was dining with LA Galaxy team-mates.

The waiter was said to have asked Beckham to produce some ID, and when the English footballer failed to do so, the jobsworth took away his wine glass.

“No ID … no wine,” The Daily Star quoted him as saying, as the player’s teammates rolled in laughter.

A bemused Beckham apparently asked: “Is this guy taking the piss?”

And when the star’s bodyguard tried having a word with the waiter, he replied: “I don’t care who they are.”

Later, however, the waiter reluctantly gave back the glass.

More embarrassment was said to have come in the way of the midfielder, who was later presented with the bill. (ANI)

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