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‘When A-Rod showed up at sex club with Yankee hat screaming, Look at me!’

New York, May 4 (ANI): Alex Rodriguez reportedly made a fool of himself when he turned up at a Dallas sex club wearing a Yankee hat that read, “Look at me!” five years ago.

The ace baseball player apparently appeared like a rank amateur with the attention drawing accessory at the Iniquity swingers club.

“The guy’s not the biggest genius in the world. I guess the cat’s out of the bag on that,” the New York Post quoted Rick Reid, the owner of the club, as saying.

“We ask our members to dress down, don’t call attention to yourself, and he showed up with a bright, white Yankees ball cap on,” Rick added.

The incident, mentioned in the new book “A-Rod” by Selena Roberts, is claimed to be not the only one that has landed the power hitting baseman in trouble.
Roberts wrote: “On road trips, he hit provocative clubs other players shunned, feeling they were at risk of image damage — or the wrath of their teams — if they were seen in them.

“He was indiscreet . . . bragging to teammates and friends about his wild nights with strippers.” (ANI)

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