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What’s World Anti-Doping Agency?

The World Anti-Doping Agency was set up in 1999 with backing from International Olympic Committee to curb use of drugs in sport globally. ICC signed up in 2006; cricket can’t be part of events like Asian Games or Olympics without coming under Wada’s scrutiny

What is WADA’s new code for players?

It requires players nominated by the sport’s parent body to submit to random testing. These players have to inform ICC at the start of every three-month period of a location and time that they will be available for an hour each day for testing.

A player needs to update the nodal officer on any changes in schedule either online or through SMS. If the player is not
present at the specified location and time, a ‘strike’ will be recorded against his/her name. Three strikes would mean suspension for up to 2 years from the game.

Why are cricketers so apprehensive?

Those in the testing pool feel the code infringes on their privacy, especially during the off-season. They are also concerned about security issues.

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