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What is Ravi Shastri doing as director of cricket academy at Bangalore?

ICC World Twenty20

ICC World Twenty20

Ravi Shastri is the director of the National Cricket Academy at Bangalore. After the pathetic performance of they Indian team in the ICC World Cup, there are chances that his neck may also be sacrificed. So, to wriggle out of the situation, he has come out with the statement that it is high time “India need to find hungrier and fitter players to play for the country”. Well, if that be so, who is responsible to launch this search? Obviously, by virtue of being the director of the National Cricket Academy, the responsibility starts with him and he can wash it off, by just giving a statement of the kind that he has given.

Ravi Shastri most of the times is to be found traveling around the world commentating and doing the honours of announcing the prizes after a match is over. But is it the job of a director of National Cricket Academy to roam around the world leaving his job aside He is seldom to be found at Bangalore searching and nurturing talent for the country for a bright future. The job seems to have been left to the bunch of officials, and Ravi Shastri is executing his responsibility more by being absent, than being present physically at Bangalore.

If one compares his job performance with his predecessor Sunil Gavaskar, Sunil Gavaskar devoted sufficient time at the academy and he had literally given up on all the assignments and focused on the job at hand. Ravi Shastri seems to relish more on the ground in front of the camera and minting money by commentating than giving a shape to future of cricket in India.

His approach to National Cricket academy is quite casual and therefore Board of Cricket Control in India need to chuck him out and find some worthy successor who does not believe in giving or having media byte as Shastri has the penchant. His job is to be behind the scene and not in front of the camera. One cannot wear multiple hats at a time as Shastri is doing. By doing this, he has spread himself too thin and need of the hour is to replace him.

Let Kapil Dev take the reign. BCCI need to introspect and utilize vast experience of Kapil Dev. After all, when the rebel players have started playing for they country, why leave Kapil Dev out of the planning and strategising process for betterment of cricket in the country?

By: Suman Rai

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