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Warne calls for peace between India and Australia

Melbourne, June 5 (ANI): Former Australian leg spinner and now captain of the IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals Shane Warne has called for peace Australia and India, even as publicity continues to dog the racially-motivated attacks on Indian students in his country.

Warne’s appeal came as Bollywood has decided not film movies in Australia’s scenic locales in protest against the attacks.

“None of our associate members will work in Australia until the racism issue is resolved,” said Dinesh Chaturvedi, head of the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE).

Last weekend, Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan rejected an honorary doctorate from a Brisbane university in protest against the attacks on Indian students.

Warne slammed the attacks on Indian students in Melbourne as “atrocious”.

Speaking to the Herald Sun last night, he stressed on the similarities between Indians and Australians.

“I think it is atrocious what is going on with Indian students. They live in our country. We have so much in common. Our cultures have a great love of cricket, music, families, good friends and strong communities. We are all human beings; let’s move forward together and rise above this,” Warne said.

Canberra is battling to reassure New Delhi that Australians aren’t racist, fearful the outcry over violent assaults may harm relations and stop the flow of education dollars.

Meanwhile, reports surfaced yesterday that students are snubbing their own culture and customs in an attempt to curb racial attacks.

Among some of the radical moves, according to the Herald Sun, are that students are advising each other to stop talking in languages spoken in India, ditch alcohol and avoid parties under any circumstances.

Other suggestions included not staring at women and avoiding parties. (ANI)

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