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UK explorer aims to set new Arctic endurance record

London, May 8 (ANI): UK explorer Adrian Hayes aims to set a new Arctic endurance record. This time the Dubai-based adventurer is hoping to make the longest unassisted Arctic Polar journey in history.

According to Sky News, the former Army officer and his expedition teammates Devon McDiarmid and Derek Crowe will walk the full length of Greenland, from the Atlantic Ocean on the south coast to the Arctic Ocean on the north coast between May and July.

They will be using the power of the wind to kite ski and haul 150 kg sleds for two months over a 3,500km route that has never been done before.

Hayes has been preparing for his epic journey by training in the Arabian Desert. Soon he will go from one extreme temperature to the other: 35c to -35c

He said: “It’s a long way from the Greenland ice cap, but training is training and pulling tyres is a staple diet of polar travel.

“Though we aim to be using kites for the majority of the journey, hauling heavy sleds is an inevitable component of any polar expedition and there is no better preparation for this than pulling tyres,” he was quoted, as saying.

Hayes is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading adventurer/explorers and belongs to an exclusive club. (ANI)

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