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Wimbledon 2010 – The Match That Was



Wimbledon, since its conception in 1877 has been one of the most iconic grand slam events in the world. It is the oldest tennis events in the world, and is considered to be among the most prestigious among all the grand slam events. Unlike other tennis grand slams, Wimbledon is played strictly on grass courts. All the tennis players have to wear the traditional white tennis attires, rather than go all out in colours as they do at other events. Other traditional Wimbledon rituals include eating strawberries and cream and having a royal entourage around the player.

This Wimbledon saw a match that created history. This is a record that will probably remain unbroken for a long time to come. The sheer impossibility of this match makes everybody wonder.

Traditionally, a tennis match between men consists of 5 sets. A set is said to have been won by a player when he scores 6 points, and has a gap of at least 2 points with his opponent. This rule is very strictly followed at Wimbledon matches, unlike in others.

The 24th of June 2010 saw a match that was as legendary as the famous Greek Wars. Indeed, this match is going to all records, and will stay there for a very long time. On this day, the match was between John Isner of USA and Nicolas Mahut from France. This match began on 22nd June, when both men won 2 sets each. It was the final set however, that really started the battle. The match went on continuously for hours, with both men winning points, and keeping their serves. Soon it became too dark to be able to see the match anymore, and it had to be continued over the next day. And the day after that. Finally, a little over an hour later, John Isner emerged victorious with a backhand serve, and finished the match at a whopping 70-68. This finally brought an end to the 11.5 hours match that rocked the world.

These players have shown the world, the value of determination and professionalism. It is highly impossible to think that 2 men can be so headstrong as to keep ploughing on for such a long time. Not once, did either of them give up thinking about the opportunity cost of losing such a long match. They kept fighting, and proved to the world how sheer determination and passion can change history.

We can all learn a lot from these gentlemen. Often in life, we come across situations that are tough for us to handle. We feel dejected and tired. We feel that we just can’t go on. A nagging voice at the back of our heads keeps telling us to give up, that it’s been too long, and even if we win this battle, it will be of no use after so much of back breaking work. And often, we give up.

But John Isner and Nicolas Mahut have shown the world what true champions are made up of. Only sheer zeal and determination can make us famous forever. Probably, 100 years later from now, people will not remember that Raphael Nadal had won Wimbledon 2010. But they will surely remember the legendary match between these two great warriors. Wimbledon authorities have honoured these great men with special prizes. And to them, we – the whole world, take off our hats in humility and respect.

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