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Symonds may lose millions in endorsements

Brisbane (Australia), June 6 (ANI): Symonds stands to lose millions in endorsements from high profile companies who have backed him.

Companies such as Ford, Solo, Asics, Skins, and Gray-Nicholls haven”t yet decided whether they will keep their contracts live or lengthen them when they come up for renegotiation.

Symonds could continue to earn about 1.5 million dollars in the Indian Premier League, but some sponsors will be serving the wayward star a “please explain” on his return home.

None of his sponsors contacted by the Herald Sun had made up their mind about his future with them, but things don”t look good as the Symonds brand continues to tumble.”We will look at what’s happened recently and consider that in the context of the value he can give us as a brand,” a Ford spokeswoman said.

Schweppes – maker of soft drink Solo – refused to comment because details of its contract were confidential.

And a spokesman from Asics, Sam Chew, said he needed more detail about the “misdemeanour” before he could establish the company’s future with Symonds.

“Ultimately, you don’t want to condone binge drinking with a brand which is associated with healthy pursuits,” Chew said.

Sweeney Sports general manager Todd Deacon said he would not predict the effect being dropped from the Australian cricket team would have on Symonds’ brand, but the original surge in his popularity came from his on-field style and his uncompromising way of playing the game.

“We do tend to be relatively forgiving of indiscretions that we might personally be guilty of … It’s when sports people keep doing the same things that it becomes a problem.” (ANI)

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