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Soccer Wag Dani nearly lost her leg in club brawl

London, May 27 (ANI): Soccer WAG Danielle Lloyd nearly lost her leg after crashing through a glass table in a drunken brawl, it was revealed yesterday.
Surgeons told the terrified WAG they had feared they might have to amputate the limb because of the amount of blood loss.

According to The Sun, Danielle, 25, underwent emergency surgery on her left calf and needed 20 stitches in a gaping wound in her back after the nightclub rumpus.

A close friend told The Sun: “Danielle was told she was lucky not to have lost her leg.”

Elliot Sorene, a consultant in trauma and orthopedic surgery, said:  “Whilst the whole experience for Miss Lloyd was exceptionally unfortunate, she is very lucky that the major blood vessels and arteries were not involved, otherwise she would have been left permanently paralysed.”

Danielle is dating Spurs football star Jamie O’Hara. (ANI)

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