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Salman Khan wants an IPL team in 2011 edition

Salman Khan is interested in purchasing an IPL franchise. If Sallu miyan buys one then he will be yet another entrant into the star-studded IPL.

According to reports, Salman, who met IPL chairman Lalit Modi in Mumbai, may buy the yet-to-be created Nagpur or Kochi team.

Salman met IPL Chairman and Commissioner Lalit Modi today and discussed the procedure to buy a team for the 2011 edition which will see the addition of two more franchises.

Modi disclosed that Salman was in discussion with him on this matter for the last few months but they had a formal meeting only now.

“We were having a discussion for last few months but thisis our first official meeting,” Modi said.

Modi said although it was too early to say anything but he felt the actor was a “serious buyer”.

“He was interested to know what it takes to own a team, what’s the process, when it will be initiated and what’s the timeline for it. I think he is a serious buyer,” Modi said.

Some of the big names in IPL include his friend-turned-foe Shah Rukh Khan, who owns Kolkata Knight Riders, Preity Zinta (owner of Kings XI, Punjab) and Shilpa Shetty who bought a stake in the Rajasthan Royals team last year.

IPL is set to introduce two new teams in the 2011 season and the franchise may “cost over $ 200-300 million”.

Modi also disclosed that he had a long list of celebrities interested in buying a team in the IPL.

“We have large number of people interested in it with over 20 celebrities asking to become franchisees, although I don’t want to name them,” he said.

Modi also admitted that having a film star added to the glitter of the event. “It does add to the spark (of the event),” he said.

Modi said the IPL organising committee will inform all the prospective buyers once it begins the bidding process.

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