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Ronaldo’s bodyguards ‘follow him to loo’

London, July 09 (ANI): Cristiano Ronaldo is miffed with the security Real Madrid chiefs provided him after his bodyguards reportedly followed him to the loo at a bar in Lisbon.

The soccer star, who recently moved to Real Madrid from Manchester Utd for 80 million pounds, had gone to celebrate with his friends to the bar.

 “I’m not sure how happy Cristiano is about this new attention he’s receiving,” the Daily star quoted an onlooker as saying.

“He was laughing and making jokes – but I can imagine being constantly watched is going to grind him down quite soon.

“A few of the girls in the bar were joking that if they’d ended up in Ronaldo’s bed they would probably have found the minder there too,” the onlooker added.

However, the 24-hour security provided by the club bosses is a precautionary measure after recent incidents when he got caught up in two clashes with a fan and photographers.

A club source acknowledged the lack of privacy, he said: “It can be a little intrusive, but at least these men can be trusted.”

“Ronaldo fever” has gripped Spain and the star’s nation Portugal after his move to the Spanish club.

Around 75,000 Real fans had turned out for the official unveiling of their new hero. (ANI)

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